Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose? I have and I’m blessed to say I discovered mine at a very young age. My name is Gina E. Dorvilier, and I am here to bring your dream event to life. Originally hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, LA, I now call the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas home. I come from a multicultural background with roots in both Haiti and Cuba. This rich heritage has gifted me with unique perspectives, an open mind, and a warm heart allowing me to embrace the diversity of our world and infuse it into every event we create.

I wasn’t always so sure about what it takes to be a business owner and played it safe with a “regular” 9-5 until I had the honor of planning my sister’s wedding. My passion was sparked again, so I started organizing other small gatherings and offering my assistance as a wedding planner. My work reflects a spirit of intention, time, and planning inspired by the divine creation of the world by our Creator. Just like the intricately designed Garden of Eden, every event I undertake requires meticulous care and attention. While I may not possess divine qualities, I believe I’ve been blessed with unique gifts and talents.

My approach is grounded in servant leadership, putting your needs at the forefront from day one, ensuring that you, your loved ones, and your friends can truly relish your special day. This passion led me to pursue a full-time career as a certified wedding planner. If you’re in search of a planner who can seamlessly guide you through the planning process and make it enjoyable, look no further. 

Take the next step with us and let Dorvilier Events & Co. transform your vision into an extraordinary reality.


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